wwhos screamin wwtf wwhat

atr0p0s replied to your post: “i cant stand dreamin”:
do you still get daymares :(


wwell this sure isnt a place ivve been for a feww nights

i cant stand dreamin


In honor of the two conflicting holidays

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ive never dyed it at all! so no i dont really know how it takes to that but i can try it and let you know

youll probably havve to get some form a bleach

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well i cant say im too surprised hehe

um ive never really done this before i guess i can find the colour at a hair salon right

most likely

havve you dyed it at all before do you knoww howw it takes to bein dyed

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do you need me to buy the supplies or do you have them already

i dont got any rust colored dye

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i kind of wanted to put a streak of rust (the colour not the blood that would be a little strange) in it or maybe do the tips in that colour

oh yeah i could help wwith that

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oh yeah sure

wwhat do you wwant to do wwith it

atr0p0s whispered: umm ok let me try i assume that you take very good care of your hair and maintaining the purple part (whether its dyed or not it always looks really good)

my entire hair is the purple part noww

its different levvels a purple but youre right i do take good care a my hair

stop rebloggin that from me wwithout sendin me any messages

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Anonymously tell me your assumptions about me and I’ll confirm or deny them.

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