yeah gettin to it might be difficult

Posted 4 days ago

its underwwater and huge and also empty is that ok


huh thats hard to imagine
probably since i aint been here nearly that long but

aw well im glad to hear it!! its my day name you know? so it makes sense to use most the time aradia dont work
they use it in the shop too

and its nice to meet you too dan :)

bringin our other conversation in here then whered you first find ms cox :0

it wwas pretty intense
and also incredibly ridiculous

wwhats a day name

i heard a her wwhile lookin around for trans people online a wwhile ago
probably about the time she started becomin famous

im hardly evven lookin for friends anymore im just lookin for servvants
wwhich ironically enough puts me right about howw i wwas on this site almost a swweep ago

wwho wwants to livve in my castle and clean it i can pay you

maybe you can find a stream online
i dont knoww a wwhole lot about findin human tvv showws

no pam its not better than the fact youvve taught me all the science i knoww ok quit glubbin

youd better not be bloggin this

one a the best things about havvin a familiar is that i dont havve to get outta the bath to blog cause pam does it for me

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i see your amazing muse art and raise you a crappy sketch on line paper by someone with no talent (aka me)


it happens whodi
not like we dont all have outside lives

anyway hi!! youre the second eridan ive met around here

dan sounds good though i will stick with dan

im aradia but considering this whole alternate situation most just call me abba (:

i remember a time wwhen evveryone wwas expected to be online all the goddamn time and it wwas a grvve offense to miss a greetin post
glad thats changed

abbas one a the better nicknames ivve come across actually

nice to meet you abba

ayizansasson replied to your post: “ayizansasson replied to your post: “lets talk about impressivve trans…”:
forever and always who are we talking about right now because i just discovered laverne cox (i am also always really late to the party)

anyone and evveryone really

lavverne cox is a damn good indivvidual to learn about


my hair is VERY soft and could EASILY be played with and you know how many people are playing with my hair??? zero

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"you’ll stop liking someone just because they agreed with something transphobic?"


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is that somethin youre interested in